davidwatts-435_fullsize_color_-_Version_2.jpgUpshur County resident David Watts represents the next generation of Conservative Republican leadership. David is an accomplished business professional with more than 23 years of experience solving business problems, helping organizations become more efficient, and empowering them to reinvent themselves to better serve their clients. David is an successful project manager with a proven track record of real world results. David, his wife, and three children have lived in East Texas for the past 16 years.

Less Government. More Liberty.

I'm dedicated to this achieving this simple goal: Less Government. More Liberty.

Dark storm clouds of judicial activism and executive branch overreach threaten the very fabric of our representative republic. This not the time to elect placeholder politicians who bow to every breeze of popular opinion. Rather, we need bold champions for conservative solutions who will fight to aggressively restrain government and champion greater Liberty.



Join us in the fight for Liberty.

Very few elected officials actively work to aggressively restrain government and to preserve and enhance Liberty of the people. Most politicians champion their ability to effectively administer a bloated government. But in truth, there's nothing more wasteful than to do a job that should have never been done in the first place. It's time to aggressively restrain government and return Liberty to the people.

Liberty begins with life. Without life, there can be no liberty. And thus I'll work to end America's holocaust: the murder of innocent unborn children. Until such time that we can end this blood shed, I'll do everything in my power to ensure that every unborn child realizes their full rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Liberty continues with restraints on the government's ability to abuse Eminent Domain and Civil Asset Forfeiture practices. Simply put: your property rights must be respected by all aspects of government, and your assets must never be forfeited in connection with a criminal investigation until such time that a criminal conviction has been secured.


Join us in the fight for Prosperity.

What you earn is yours. And yes, you earned it. And you should keep as much of it as possible.

As Texans, we have lived far too long under an oppressive and onerous property tax system. The appraisal district structure represents a vast layer of government bureaucracy without accountability to voters. Taxpayers around the state fight a losing battle each year against unfair appraisal practices and a system that is rigged against the taxpayer.

It's time to end property taxes in Texas once and for all. They represent a perpetual rent that you pay to the government for your property, for the rest of your life.

Until such time that we can achieve that goal, we must make the appraisal districts directly accountable to voters. Today, each appraisal district has a board of directors that is chosen by the taxing entities themselves (e.g. School district, County, City, etc.). That board of directors hires the Chief Appraiser and establishes certain appraisal district policies. Literally, the very entities that want your tax dollars are the same people who control the entire process of the determination of your property's value. Something is seriously wrong with this sort of structure.

Until such time that property taxes can be permanently ended in Texas, I'll fight to make the appraisal district Chief Appraiser and/or the board of directors face regular elections so the voters can remove control of the appraisal districts from the taxing entities and transfer control to the voters.


Join us in the fight for Security. davidwatts-602_fullsize_color.jpg

There's a nearly endless invasion taking place on the southern border we share with Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border and reside in Texas. The Federal government actively resists their lawful duty to enforce the border. What the Feds won't do, Texas must do. It is vital that Texas deploys every means possible to control access into the Lone Star State.

But our duty goes further. We must end the lure of government services that helps to draw illegal immigrants into Texas. 

We must end in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. This taxpayer-subsidized benefit is for lawful Texas citizens, not for those who are here illegally.

But we must also work to directly challenge the 1982 5-4 Supreme Court decision (Plyler v. Doe) which mandated that taxpayers nationwide must fund the K-12 education of non-citizen children of illegal immigrants. That case was based upon events right here in East Texas (Tyler Independent School District) and the process of correcting this terrible Supreme Court decision must also begin right here.

And I'll continue the fight for our fundamental rights to keep and bear arms. That right, recognized as pre-existing by the 2nd Amendment, is essential for the preservation of a free and just society. I believe in the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to openly carry arms, often referred to as Constitutional Carry. It's worth noting that for more than 100 years, Vermont has followed this standard of Constitutional Open Carry. Frankly, if it works in Vermont, it works in Texas.


Join us in the fight for Liberty, Prosperity, and Security.

Dedicated to Less Government. More Liberty. 

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